World Class Supplier of fixed vertical ladders aka hoop ladders, caged ladders or cat ladders. Generally available off–the-shelf for worldwide delivery and next day delivery within the UK.

Welcome to Access Ladders. We are a UK based specialist in the supply of Fixed Access Ladders, also known as Cat Ladders, Hooped Ladders and Caged Ladders which generally conform to the British Standard, BS4211.

Our aim is to provide a professional and friendly service which makes choosing your required ladder as easy and stress-free as possible. If you let us know the length of ladder you require or provide us with drawings we will price you for the most economical and suitable ladder for your application… it’s that simple!

Standard Ladder Modular System – Cage Ladder, Hooped Ladder, Fixed Ladder.

Our Standard Ladder Modular System is designed so that it is piece small and can be easily assembled on site or stored ready for installation once required due to its small palletised footprint making it also ideal for installations where access is restricted.

To view, all the components of our Standard Ladder Modular System please  click here.

Material and Finish

Our Caged Ladders, Hooped Ladders and Fixed Ladders are available off-the-shelf in Mild Steel, Grade S275, with a Hot-Dip galvanized finish in accordance with BS EN ISO 1461.

However it is also available without the galvanized finish and in Stainless Steel, such as 316L Grade.

Safety Compliant

The Standard Ladder Modular System has been designed to generally conform to BS4211 which is the British Standard for fixed vertical ladders.

Suitable for most Industries

Our Caged Ladders are suitable for most industries and environments including:

Oil Rigs, Petrochemical Plants, Sewage Works, Ships, Harbour Walls, Manhole Access, Airports and Maintenance Access for most buildings.

Our reputation is built on our first-class customer service and our knowledgeable and highly experienced team. The consistency and quality of our product is paramount to us and our focus and work ethic is 100% committed to you our client.

If you wish to discuss the purchase of a Cage Ladder, Hoop Ladder or Fixed Ladder, please email or call us today!

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